Yeelight brings Apple-backed Matter technology to its consumer and Pro product lines

As with many other HomeKit makers, Yeelight is announcing support for Matter across its entire product line. Finalized in early October, Matter aims to improve the overall smart home landscape with an open standard supported by Apple, Google, Amazon and others. The initial release of Matter will support a number of the most common smart home categories: lighting and electrical, HVAC controls, window coverings and blinds, safety and security sensors, door locks, media devices, including TVs, controllers as devices and apps, and bridges.

For Yeelight’s line of consumer electronics products, Matter Protocol will support many more products in the future, as well as the existing line of products. Along with its classic home lighting series, a brand new Yeelight Fun product portfolio is also added to the Matter range of devices!

Yeelight Cube, the new iteration of their already popular line of smart lights, is coming to market soon. The user can create unique and original lamp designs, as well as change the overall style of their desk with this interactive device built and designed like LEGO.

Yeelight brings Apple-backed Matter technology to its

Separately, Yeelight plans to launch a new line of Home series essential lighting products that will also include Matter support. Yeelight Pro is even easier to use! All products in this selection will support Matter with a simple OTA update.

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The Matter standard could be a major boon for the smart home market. It gives accessories cross-platform capabilities without nearly as much overhead, indicating that if a device is compatible with Matter, it’s also compatible with HomeKit.

With the new version of Apple’s HomeKit in beta, accessory makers no longer need to individually integrate each smart home platform, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Instead of developing separate integrations for different platforms, developers can create become Matter compatible and then they will be compatible on other major platforms.

It will be a slow rollout, but I believe it will improve everything about the “smart home”.

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