With the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple could ditch the physical buttons

The ever-knowledgeable Ming-Chi Kuo reveals in a series of tweets that high-end iPhone 15 models might have a haptic button system rather than the regular buttons.

A new rumor surrounding the future iPhone 15 has been added to the list. But if this proves to be true when the smartphone is announced next year, the next version of Apple’s devices would show a certain audacity in its design.

A major step forward?

In a series of tweets posted earlier today, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports on his latest iPhone 15 findings. “two high-end models of the iPhone 15 could adopt a design consisting of one-piece buttons” instead of the traditional mechanical power and volume control buttons. The term “top of the range” used by the man suggests that these new buttons will only be present on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

These new buttons with haptic technology would be very similar to the home button of the iPhone 7, 8 or the latest SE. There would therefore no longer be a classic push button but many buttons integrated into the shell, which would react to the touch. They would emit haptic feedback to the user, ie a small localized vibration, to confirm that they have taken in the information and imitate the sensation of pressing a button.

An internal design revised for the occasion

According to the analyst, the iPhone 15 Pro will no longer have a Taptic engine (a mixture of “tap”, tap, and haptics) but three, distributed in the smartphone, for a more precise and sensitive rendering. These motors would be distributed on the right and left sides of the devices, with the ignition and volume control usually done through there. Ming-Chi Kuo points out that high-end models of Android smartphones could follow this new design without visible buttons in order to create ” new selling points “.

Persistent rumors also point to the abandonment of the famous internal Lightning port at Apple, in favor of a USB-C port, starting with the iPhone 15 next year. According to the analyst, the design without buttons and the implementation of the USB-C port (necessary to comply with the new European legislation), are two of the important novelties of the iPhone 15. Should we also expect a larger smartphone model? The implementation of two additional Taptics engines requires space.

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