With the arrival of Resident Evil Village, Apple computers are gradually getting into gaming

Apple is making a remarkable entry into the cutting-edge video game world. The PC has competition in the making and it has already been taking shape for a few months.

What if the Windows PC was no longer the only computer on which to enjoy the most ambitious video games? This is a bit what is emerging in the current video game landscape. For a long time poor cousin of gaming with iMacs or MacBooks not really sized for it, Apple sent a shiver and excitement among developers with the arrival of its powerful M1 and M2 chips.

From now on, the computers of the Apple brand are presented as power monsters capable of everything in terms of creative productivity, the most ambitious video or audio editing with 4K or even 8K content, or even 3D creations. the craziest. So obviously, Apple was not going to take long to look at video games and other than through its Apple Arcade service.

The M1 chip, Apple’s game card

Since October 28, Resident Evil Village is available on Mac. Capcom’s horror game, which launched on consoles and PC last year, has been hailed for its atmosphere and especially its graphics. A demanding “real game” that also runs on Apple computers now. But a gluttony of performance which however requires having a machine with M1 or M2 chip; Apple devices with an Intel processor are therefore excluded. A sign that something is truly brewing for Apple gamers.

RE Village is not the first major title to settle at Apple. But for a long time, for lack of a sufficient reservoir of players, developers were reluctant to design versions for macOS, the operating system for Mac computers.

The arrival of the M1 chip changed the situation and showed that the most demanding games could run without causing the machine to suffer, with the same quality of detail as on the PC. If the bulk of the games should start pointing the tip of his nose next year, developers are more likely to adapt their more or less recent works for the latest Macs.

The Steam store has a growing macOS sorting section.
The Steam store has a growing macOS sorting section. © Tech&Co

There are now games downloadable from the App Store or dedicated spaces at Steam as on the Epic Game Store. It is thus possible to play Rise of the Tomb Raider, Myst (special version M1 and following chip), Soccer Manager 2023 or Cuphead and Asphalt 9.

Know that if you want to play on your MacBook at all costs, even old, you can use alternatives such as cloud gaming. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games are accessible from Safari.

GeForce Now offers an identical solution for games owned on Steam, Gog, Epic and others. Or Shadow provides a Windows environment from its downloadable software, via a powerful configuration on a server, in order to have access to PC games… on Mac.

Apple's MacBook Air (2020)
Apple’s MacBook Air (2020) © BFMTV.COM

Games to try on Mac

Here is a selection of games playable on iMac, Mac or even MacBook Air and Pro. Some also run easily on the latest computers with an Intel processor (released before 2021).

Resident Evil Village

Want to play scare? Between the game of survival and horror, Resident Evil Village is perfect for playing with players’ nerves. After RE7 Biohazard, Ethan Winters, his wife Mia and their daughter Rose have settled in quietly, far from their nightmares of yesteryear. But Rose is kidnapped and Ethan finds himself investigating a strange and hostile abandoned village. To be played on Apple with a minimum M1 chip and running under macOS Monterey or Ventura.


Beneath his cartoonish looks, Cuphead is one of the most difficult and demanding games of recent years. Retro-style fighting game (1930s style) and drawn by hand, it pits its two heroes against different bosses, each one stronger than the other, all set to jazz music. A nervous game with sharp gameplay.

Disco Elysium

It’s hard to resist one of the surprise successes of recent years. This role-playing game, combining point’n’click and a textual dice game, makes you embody an amnesiac policeman who comes to his senses in a hotel room after a drunken evening. He must investigate a murder. The choices made will be decisive for the course of the investigation and for the fate of our detective.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

If you haven’t experienced the latest adventures of young Lara Croft, the latest trilogy is available on Mac. The 20th Anniversary Edition also offers all the expansions released on PC and consoles with the game.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

The game has benefited from an optimization for the M1 chip, whether on Mac or iPad equipped with the same chip. Considered one of the best role-playing games in history, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is offered in the same version as for Windows PC, which is also visually beautiful. And the title goes even further on Mac with HDR support and iCloud backups to play on different media.

The Sims 4

Now free to download, The Sims 4 is a life simulation game that requires a rather powerful computer to avoid sticking out your tongue when you want to build the house of your dreams on multiple levels or add the many extensions such as university, city life, Star Wars or adding pets. But it is fully playable with keyboard and pad/mouse.


For the nostalgic, myst will bring back some memories. A cult game from the early 1990s, it gets a makeover in a version specially optimized for devices with M1 chip. But it’s still the same recipe as the original game, with its challenging puzzles, spellbinding settings and gripping soundtrack. The game is more beautiful (it is possible to play in 4K) and is enriched with some new functions.

The scenario remains the same. The player is transported to a mysterious island where he must figure out what happened to Atrus, the author of a strange book, and his sons. Solving the various puzzles unlocks areas to explore.

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