William and Harry reconciled? Obvious signs of peace between the “enemy brothers” revealed…

They have had one of the most difficult weeks of their lives together in recent days and their path will separate again : after eleven days of mourning and a long day of very solemn funeral this Monday, September 19, princes William and Harry should finally say goodbye in the next few hours.

Indeed, while the eldest has planned a week’s break with his wife Kate Middleton and her three children (George, 9, Charlotte, 7 and Louis, 4), the youngest is getting ready to return to California, where he now lives. A return which will also allow him to find his two toddlers, Archie (3 years old) and Lilibet (15 months), whom he had left on September 3.

But do they both have took advantage of this week in common to settle all their conflicts ? Scrambled for two years and the departure of the younger brother to the United States then his controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey, they no longer spoke to each other at all, so much so that Prince William had done everything to avoid his younger brother during the Jubilee ceremonies. last June, fearing that he would reveal to the press what he said in private.

However, this time, the grief seems to have erased some rancor and lack of confidence: the two brothers have agreed to march side by side behind their grandmother’s coffin, but also to watch her with their cousins ​​for a quarter of an hour when Harry had even been allowed to put his uniform back on.

A rediscovered peace… before a book that could change everything!

Gestures that culminated this moment in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, where the two couples sat next to each other, Prince William even waving his wife to let his brother and sister-in-law, the American Meghan Markle, often referred to by the media as the responsible for all this confusion. Not to mention, of course, this outing made to four in front of Windsor, during which the gestures, still cold between the two brothers had been deciphered, or of course dinners shared together at Buckingham.

So, is all forgiven? Well according to British experts…not really ! For them, who testify in particular in the DailyMail Where The Mirrorthe eldest would have made a great effort to bring his brother back and treat him as before. A fragile peace, which has not been formalized according to the couple’s friends from Sussex, but which could continue for a few more months… at least until a fateful date, early 2023!

In fact, it was during this period that Prince Harry should publish his memoirs, in which we already announce great revelations about his family and in particular about his stepmother Camilla. And this book, for which he has already been paid 20 million dollars, could undoubtedly put a definitive point to the relationship between the two brothers…

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