why you should care about the Apple Watch SE

Alongside the long-awaited Apple Watch Series 8 and the surprising Watch Ultra, the Apple brand has announced a new version of its Watch SE. And Apple’s lightweight smartwatch deserves a lot more attention than you might think.

If the Apple Watch had the honors of the September keynote, it was as much to put the 2022 version (Apple Watch Series 8) into orbit as to strike the spirits with the Watch Ultra, intended for extreme sports enthusiasts.

Stalled at the end of the presentation, the Apple Watch SE offers a second generation and an update both in terms of performance and design. All without departing from its DNA: a more contained price and some concessions on the functions.

Enough to remain an investment that is still as interesting for potential users.

Because its design has nothing to envy to others

The Watch SE is available in 40 and 44mm cases. This was the screen size of the Watch Series 4 and Series 5. This corresponds to the same watch sizes as the Series 8, but with a screen 1 mm smaller, nevertheless quite bright. And the latest arrival also displays the same waterproofness which allows it to dive up to 50 m to support swimming activities.

The two new Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 8
The two new Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 8 © On the left, the Apple Watch SE – On the right, the Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch SE is only offered in an aluminum case, but in the standard colors (black, silver and light gold). A little touch of elegance: the back is now matching and no longer in light metal. It is also made from recycled material to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible. It’s a bit more elegant. Too bad Apple has given up on the red and blue versions of the watch. It can nevertheless benefit from the same bracelets in sizes 41 or 45 mm.

Because she doesn’t care about your health

Admittedly, some sensors are missing, such as the oximeter to calculate the oxygenation rate in the blood, or the ECG sensor which allows you to make an electrocardiogram thanks to your watch. But the Watch SE is rich in other sensors and even the latest technologies. It is still possible to follow his heart rate, the quality of his sleep, the follow-up of his monthly cycle (but not the ovulation period like on the Series 8 or the Watch Ultra) or to protect your ears with the on-board noise detector which informs you of the sound level of your environment.

On the left, the back of the Apple Watch SE - On the right, that of the Watch Series 8 with its multiple health sensors
On the left, the back of the Apple Watch SE – On the right, that of the Watch Series 8 with its multiple health sensors © BFM Tech&Co

With watchOS 9 installed, it is also possible to follow up on your medical prescription via the Health application, which is still as rich in information and in monitoring your state of health. By entering the list of medications taken and the dosage, the Apple Watch SE sends reminders so you don’t forget to take them. The “complications” displayed on the screen may include the medication schedule. The app will also be able to tell you about dangerous interactions.

Because it is just as modern and efficient

For its second generation, the Watch SE is equipped with the S8 chip, the same as found in the Apple Watch Series 8. The watch therefore promises to be just as powerful and designed to last a long time. Its autonomy has also been increased and it easily lasts more than a day. The arrival of the Energy Saving function even doubles its autonomy to exceed 30 hours.

The Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)
The Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) © BFM TV – Tech&Co

The 2022 vintage benefits from the same new sensors as those integrated into the Watch Series 8 (improved gyroscope, more precise accelerometer, more efficient compass) which are added to the GPS or even the barometer. It will thus be possible to find your starting point on the watch and resume the path in reverse to retrace your steps with precision.

Because she only sacrifices the superfluous

Like its sidekicks, the Apple Watch SE is there for everything: sports activities, fitness tracking, listening to podcasts and music with Bluetooth headphones, weather information, phone calls, and more. It certainly limits its functions in health, but embeds the new possibilities for the detection of accidents thanks to its sensors, the microphone and the GPS to be able to understand the situation. As with fall detection, the Apple Watch will wait 10 seconds without any reaction from you before notifying relatives on the emergency contact list and alerting the emergency services.

Apple Watch Series 8 crash detection feature
The accident detection function of the Apple Watch Series 8 © Apple

Bike fall detection is also taken into account when you have triggered the Cycling activity on the watch.

Because it is also thought to take care of others

When we think of Apple Watch, it is often for individual use, in accordance with its own iPhone. But the Watch SE can also be a good bet to set it up for a child or older member of the family that you need to monitor, for reassurance as well as to make sure everything is fine.

For this, Apple created Family Configuration which consists of setting up an Apple Watch for a third party who does not have an iPhone. It is enough that he has an iCloud account, but also to have taken a cellular plan to use the watch without a smartphone nearby. An additional monthly cost (depending on the operators) which nevertheless allows the user to use the Apple Watch SE normally and, for the account holder, to have an eye on the uses, to share information and to be notified first in the event of a problem.

With Family Setup, the Apple Watch SE is a good investment for a loved one without an iPhone whose usage you want to track.
With Family Setup, Apple Watch SE is a good investment for a loved one without an iPhone whose usage you want to track. © BFM TV – Tech&Co

Because its price is lighter

The Apple Watch Series 8 now starts at 499 euros due to the rise of the euro against the dollar (the price excluding VAT in the United States remains the same), the various added taxes and various fees. But if the price now climbs to 299 euros (instead of 279 euros for the first version), the Watch SE remains a good investment for those who are looking for a connected watch with the Apple logo and who do not need the tools health.

The 4G/5G version is also available and is enhanced with international roaming. By opting for an eSim package, it can also be used abroad without needing the iPhone. And you can still launch international alerts if something goes wrong.

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