Why Harry and Meghan were able to hold hands during the funeral tributes to Elizabeth II

The couple, back in the UK to take part in the tributes to Elizabeth II, stand out by holding hands in public. A gesture that contrasts with the royal protocol.

Prince Harry and Meghan Marklewho participated Wednesday evening in the funeral procession of Elizabeth II, were able to hold hands during the procession, unlike the other couples of the royal family. They had already been able to hold hands a few days before during another funeral tribute to the queen who died last week at the age of 96.

According to an expert contacted by the British daily The Daily ExpressHarry and Meghan are allowed to hold hands during official ceremonies because they are not working members of the British royal family.

“Harry and Meghan are grieving loved ones and do not have to comply with the obligations of royal protocol,” body language expert Inbaal Honigman explained to the Daily Express. “Their hands are there to support each other through this ordeal.”

Noted public appearance

Meghan and Harry, who already made a notable public appearance last week, also appeared hand-in-hand, unlike Kate and William, who are prohibited by protocol from holding hands.

“As working members of the royal family, they are bound by protocol,” confirms Inbaal Honigman. “Nor did King Charles II and the Queen Consort hold hands when they entered Westminster Hall.”

Harry and Meghan, who wed in 2018 before taking their independence from the royal family in January 2020, have rarely been seen together in public in recent years.

The couple, settled in California for two years, were present in Europe at the time of the death of Queen Elizabeth II to attend a series of conferences and participate in events related to their charities.

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