Why do some always make the wrong choices?

DECRYPTION – Some people are haunted by the impression, even the conviction, of having made the wrong decision. Good news: this phenomenon can be explained and above all, it can be corrected.

Being caught in a dilemma to the point of not sleeping at night; reproduce the same love patterns all the time despite failures; leaving a job for a “golden” opportunity and realizing that the grass is not necessarily greener elsewhere… We are all faced with choices and their consequences, which are more or less difficult to accept. And sometimes they even haunt us. “Tossed between love breakups and professional disappointments, I feel like I always make the wrong decision, never have the right instincts, the right flair, laments Esther, 48. It ruins my life and I rehash these choices all the time instead of moving on.”

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This kind of story, which sometimes borders on what is called the neurosis of failure, Cécile Guéret, psychotherapist in Tours and specialized in gestalt therapy, is often confronted with it. “Before talking about good and bad choices, it is important to…

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