Why do I prefer Apple products to products from other companies?

People love Apple products much more than other companies because of their unique style, perfect and fantastic hardware, new updates every year, and more. For some reason in the tech world, you can call Apple the tech king. If you ask me why I prefer Apple products over products from other companies, I would say the hardware, the fantastic camera functionality, the updates, the durability, the battery life, the resolution of the screen, etc.

1. Cool style and material

Whether you like it or not, Apple has a reputation for creating high-end hardware, which has led the company to good fortune and reputation in the market. If you remember when the cell phone market was dominated by cheap phones made of plastic bricks. The iPhone came into the market with a beautiful aluminum and glass design.

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Also, if you recall in 2020, Apple introduced Apple silicon chips to the desktop market. Believe it or not, performance was much better from well-known companies such as Intel and AMD. Apart from hardware, you can check out the range of products that the company releases every year. You can take a look at the design, thickness, camera quality, performance, battery durability, and tons of other features.

Although I admit that Apple creates cool and stylish products with amazing hardware, but at the same time there are times when users are not really happy. For example, with the iPhone 7, Apple removed the headphone jack and now that it is common to all mobile phone devices. Selling the iPhone charger separately is another example.

2. Updates every year

Whether you like it or not, but every year Apple releases a new version of iPhone, iOS, Mac and other products. Even though there are minor updates and changes, the performance is still improved. Every year it improves more and more, then users get the new version of the operating system for free. In 2015 Apple launched iPhone 6S running iOS 9 and in 2022 Apple launched iPhone 14 running iOS 16.

Compared with other mobile companies, Apple supports iPhone longer than other companies. For example, iOS 9 was released with iPhone 6S but it can support iOS 15 so far. 6 years is more than mobile phone software updates. Compared to Android, Android gets updates up to three to four years. The same update process is also applied to the Mac. Every year, you can get a new macOS update with new visual changes, tweaks, security updates, and other features.

3. Better resale value

Apple products are best known for holding their value against Android smartphones and Windows computers. There is a saying that one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure. Apple products are not cheap and if you are ready to upgrade from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14, you will obviously sell your iPhone 13. This means that if you bought your iPhone for $1199, someone other can buy it from you for around $999. Believe it or not, the following Apple products are worth a lot of money.
  1. iMac G3 is worth $300.
  2. Apple Macintosh is worth $500
  3. iBook G3 is worth $2,500
  4. The original iPod is worth $20,000
  5. Plus, the original iPhone is also worth $20,000
  6. Apple Lisa is worth $36,000
  7. Apple 1 is worth $900,000

4. Apple products last longer

If you’ve been using an Apple product for years, you should know that their product really lasts longer. I’ve seen people who have been using a MacBook for 7-10 years. But at the same time, I’ve seen users switch Windows laptops every four to five years.

Even though Apple releases new products every year, many users don’t feel compelled to upgrade. For example, I have seen many students using MacBook Pro 2015 so far, I have also seen users using iPhone 7 and 8. Since Apple products are very popular in the market, even though you break the screen or there is something wrong with your iPhone or Mac parts, you can fix it easily.


These are my opinions and thoughts on why I prefer Apple products over products from other companies. What are your favorite thoughts and opinions for choosing Apple products over products from other companies?

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