Why did she end her singing career?

It is very rare on television. Karen Cheryl was this Saturday the guest of the new issue of TPMP People presented by Matthew Delormeau on C8. Natasha Amalalready present last week, was also on the set.

If for many Karen Cheryl remains an icon of the 70s and 80s thanks in particular to titles like Whether…, Oh darling darling, Sing to me Mama, keep me with you or Upside downit is now under the name of Isabelle Morizet (her real name) that she has created a second professional life in journalism. “Music has been over for thirty years”she launched in front of the host Matthieu Delormeau.

I didn’t want to become a compilation singer

On the set of TPMP Peoplethe companion of Jérôme Bellay explained the reason why she ended her career as a singer: “I did not want become a compilation singer. It was very happy, I sold 27 million records thanks to the public. I traveled everywhere, it was really prodigious. But, I wanted to know if I was able to climb the hill again otherwise. So, I decided to jump off the bandwagon to embark on an unlikely adventure and I confess to you,…

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