When science deciphers the mysteries of death

What is death? An existential question that many writers, poets, children and adults have asked themselves. A mystery on which science leans, and lets itself be surprised. Because behind this so natural and common event, hides in fact many surprises. Thus, scientists have discovered that death is far from being a sudden extinction of the brain. But, on the contrary, it is a whole process in several stages, which takes its time. First the cardiac activity stops, then it is the turn of the brain activity. But the organs and cells can remain alive for several minutes… even a few hours! At what moment, then, should we consider that someone is no longer? It would seem that death takes the form of a wave that gradually invades the body… irreversibly.

Consciousness and Death

Sometimes some people experience what is called “near death.” They do not die, but they have “seen death in the face”. Almost all the testimonies are similar: sensation of floating outside the body, seeing one’s life pass by, having an extreme level of consciousness, seeing a tunnel with a sparkling light at its end… A phenomenon all the more intriguing as it is described from the same way by all its witnesses regardless of their age, nationality or religion. In this book, you will learn that the near-death experience is actually a survival strategy. And that we share this instinctive behavior with other mammals!

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Transhumanism: pushing death ever further?

Finally, you will dive into the (limitless?) feats, or rather the promises of transhumanism. This current encompasses everything that aims to “improve” the human body, delay aging and defy death. Can humans become immortal? The dazzling progress in nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer science and cognitive science is in any case impressive. Modifying the genome, creating “GMO humans”, developing augmented prostheses and brain implants or even “downloading” one’s mind into a computer…

How far can we go? The body has biological limits. But these can be postponed by fighting against the factors of aging: pollution, stress, but also by developing new drugs to save years of good health, and to push back life expectancy… To finally overcome death ?

Throughout this fascinating investigation, you will find answers to the most intriguing questions in the history of humanity: What happens to our body when we die? Why are we mortal? Y is there an after?…

Mortals. What science tells us. Death: Understanding it, questioning it, challenging it. A survey carried out by the editorial staff of Science & Vie. Released August 24, 2022. Essay (paperback). Editions Alisio (Editions Leduc).


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