what would she have looked like at 61? A magnificent photo unveiled, created with artificial intelligence

While Charles III became king following the death of Elizabeth II, whose funeral was followed around the world, it is impossible not to have a thought for Lady Diana. Died 25 years ago, the princess still fascinates. She would have celebrated her 61st birthday on August 31, 2022. A very inspiring birthday for an artist, Alper Yesiltas. He wondered what the princess’s face would have looked like if she hadn’t disappeared in the car accident in Paris in 1997. The artist, based in Istanbul, Turkey, had his answer: he shared a stunning snap of Lady Di, with aged facial features looking like she was taken today. This photograph, made using artificial intelligence, is stunning. We see the princess, with her sunglasses on her head, a crooked smile and her magnificent blue eyes full of tenderness. The artist in question accompanies this portrait, posted on Instagram on Saturday September 17, with a short sentence: “As if nothing had happened”. Indeed, the image is strikingly realistic. Moreover, Alper Yesiltas is not at his first attempt.

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