were there any negligence in the factory?



Pizzas Buitoni: has there been negligence in the factory?
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L. Bellili, STP prod: E. Yvrande, P. Kerempichon, R. Laurentin – France 2

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More than 70 people were infected last March during the pizza health scandal Buitoni. Among the victims, a two-and-a-half-year-old child died. L’company haswas she negligent? Investigation.

Kelig was two and a half years old. The little boy lost his life after tasting a Buitoni frozen pizza. Seven months after the tragedy, his parents are still traumatized. “His kidneys were not working and his brain was also attacked”, says Théo Soavi, the father of the child. Eight-year-old Nathan also died after eating pizza from the same brand. 56 people were poisoned in France, almost all of them children. How could this have happened?

Photos of the Buitoni company came to tarnish the image of the brand and raise questions about the hygiene of the manufacture of pizzas. We see dough touching the ground. A former employee took his photos. He tried to sound the alarm a year before the poisonings. In 2014, management cut cleaning time by three hours to produce more, according to an internal document. “Before, it was an outside company that did the cleaning, it was spot on. Since 2015, nothing has been done”anonymously denounces an employee.

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