Weather report. A very fresh awakening this Saturday morning in Côte-d’Or and Dijon

If you left your house early this Saturday morning, don’t forget to cover up. At 7 a.m., the mercury barely showed 7.6°C in Dijon or Til-Châtel.

Up to 6°C below seasonal norms

Municipalities rather well off when it was less than 6°C in a large part of the department. As in Châtillon-sur-Seine (5.9°C), Beaune (5.7°C), or Montbard (5.3°C). At the same time, the palm of the morning freshness seemed to go to Bessey-en-Chaume with 4.5°C. That is 6°C less than normal for the season.

A freshness to which we were no longer really accustomed after a very hot summer. In Dijon, you have to go back to June 1 to find such low minimums (7.1°C that day).

However, these temperatures are not exceptional. The record for a month of September in Dijon? 0.5°C on September 30, 1995. And if you find that comparing the weather at the end of September does not make sense with that of September 17, we will simply tell you that the mercury had dropped to 2 8°C on September 17, 1930 in the city of the Dukes…

A few degrees cooler on Sunday morning

For the rest, it’s a rather sunny day that awaits you while maintaining an autumnal freshness. The maximum should not exceed 15 to 16°C this Saturday. As for Sunday morning, it should be even cooler with minimums that will not exceed 6°C and could drop below 4°C locally.

A morning freshness which will last at the beginning of next week but should not increase.

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