Weather: in Brittany, this weekend will be “spring-like, worthy of a month of June” – Bretagne

“Temperatures worthy of a month of June”. It is dry and sunny weather that will settle in Brittany for this long weekend of November 11. Pascal Scaviner, meteorologist at La Chaîne Météo, even speaks of “spring-like weather”, “with high temperatures” which “will approach the records for the month of November, within two or three degrees”, and “a feeling of heat” outdoors, due to the sun at its zenith. Not good news for the climate, but surely enough to satisfy those who have taken days off.

The weather in your town

In detail, it will be fine in the morning. And the mercury will rise throughout the day. In Rennes, we will go from 8° at sunrise to go up to 19°. In Brest, as in Lorient, the thermometer should show 18° at the peak of the afternoon. Six degrees above normal, which is quite a lot. “In the city of Ponant, we will be 2.7° from the monthly record, set in 2015”, adds Pascal Scaviner. “In Lorient, at 1.6°”.

But it will be in the northwest of Brittany that it should be the hottest. In the strip from Morlaix to Lannion, temperatures could reach 20° locally.

Lots of sun and little wind

How to explain this spring weather, “not exceptional but which nevertheless remains remarkable after the rainy week last”? “In fact, Brittany finds itself positioned between two phenomena”, explains Pascal Scaviner. “Very far from an anticyclone, positioned in central Europe, but also opposite a depression on the near Atlantic”. Result: the region will benefit from a combination of several factors, conducive to this fine weather: “A wind from the southeast sector, of continental origin; an air mass aloft between 8° and 12°, the absence of precipitation and strong sunshine – the sun will be dominant on all three days, with perhaps a little more cloud on Sunday”.

Troubled weather next week

“We are still in this weather system which alternates periods of calm, high pressure, and very disturbed periods”, notes the forecaster. Precisely, once the long weekend is over, it is again windy and wet weather – “more disturbed than last week” – which will settle in Brittany.

A degradation of the sky due to hurricane Nicole, which is currently raging on the coast of Florida. “When it reaches the North Atlantic to join Scotland on Tuesday, it will generate disturbances with sustained rains at the start of the week”.

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