Weather: Finally snow!

Once these findings and observations have been noted, let’s dwell on the evolution of the next few days. The peak heat is well and truly over. The drop in mercury that began on Monday will increase over the next few days and could even be clear on Friday, we will come back to this later.

Before that, note the passage of a disturbance over the whole country from West to East between this Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Arriving on the Alpine massif, it will give snow for a few hours at the end of the night from Monday to Tuesday and Tuesday when you wake up … but at an always high altitude (around 2400/2500 meters, even 2300 meters under strong intensities especially along the Pre-Alps). The expected quantities? Anecdotal for the period: around 5 cm above 2600 meters on most massifs, perhaps 10 cm in Belledonne around 2800 meters, and 15-20 cm in the west of the Ecrins above 3000 meters.

Wednesday promises to be calm with often sunshine, despite high clouds, under a quite classic mildness.

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