We tested Pizzou Aligre, the first 100% Made in France pizzeria in Paris!

If you like light, airy and crispy pizza dough and you are a fan of (very) good products, then you will love it Pizzou Aligre! After Pigalle, the 1st pizzeria 100% Made in France reveals its new address in the heart of the 12th, a stone’s throw from the iconic Marché d’Aligre. Hot in front!

On the strength of its success, the most “French” of pizzas has offered itself a 2nd address in the capital. His speciality ? Giving pride of place to the French terroir, while preserving the traditional Italian pizza recipes that we love so much. And the bet could not be more successful!

After a warm welcome, we sit down at the dining table. Pizzou Aligre, where there is a delicious trattoria atmosphere. Pizza oven brought back from Italy, exposed stones, bistro tables & chairs… As for the decor, Parisian chic blends wonderfully with boot charm.

Pizzou Pizzeria Made in France Paris

On the menu ? 5 new tasty pizzas, in addition to those that already fill the menu well. We salivate thus for “The Good Mother” which takes us to Marseille cheap with its anchovies and milk flower, “La Picotte” with spicy Aveyron sausage or “The Enricotta Macias” with aromas of grilled eggplant. Gourmets can also taste the “Brie Aubrac” with tasty Brie de Maux AOC and the “Buff & Bourre & Burratam” crowned with its star product: the Burratina!

Pizzou Pizzeria Made in France Paris

And to enhance our beautiful terroir, Pizzou didn’t do things by halves! To Frenchify the famous Italian specialty, his team traveled across France to enhance his pizzas. 100% Made in France ingredients. Burrata from the 4-star La Ferme in the Yvelines, flour from the Grands Moulins de Paris, Corsican charcuterie… We enjoy it!

Note that to be so light and airy, the pizza dough from Pizzou is prepared by hand. Left to rest for 48 to 72 hours, it is then cooked at medium temperature. With a dough like this we tell you, you will never leave your sidewalks drag on the plate!

Pizzou Aligre, 14 Rue de Cotte, 75012 Paris – Open 7/7 – Pizza between €9 and €16.50 (And on delivery on Ubereats & Deliveroo)

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