Walloon motorways in the dark: for safety, “it also has advantages” says Benoït Godart

And on the question of how to adapt driving to this reform of night lighting on the motorway, Benoît Godart is very clear: “Certainly not to look at the bright lights in the opposite direction because it can disturb your vision. And the same for the cars behind, which could be a source of distraction. So really, it is advisable to look away from disturbing lights. That’s a first thing. And the second thing, of course, it might look a bit basic, but you have to keep the headlights in good condition. In good condition, that means washing them once in a while, because it’s autumn, the roads are greasy, dusty and there’s a lot of dirt that can get under your headlights, and you need headlights to 100% in condition. You also have to keep the windshield very clean because if it’s dirty at night, when you’re driving without a lamp or when you have your eyes drawn to all that little dirt, it can distract you and be disturbing. It is above all that, the advice that we can give.

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