VIDEO – Up to 48°C: Evelyne Dhéliat’s new weather forecast for 2050

In 2014, the TF1 meteorologist warned, in an anticipation bulletin, about what our weather could be in August 2050 in the event of a strong heat wave. A map drawn up by forecasters from Météo-France working on climate change, and which already predicted temperatures greater than or equal to 40°C. What about these forecasts today? Have they changed?

“The answer is yes”, ensures Evelyne Dhéliat, new card in support. Specialists thus anticipate, in 2050, temperatures greater than or equal to 40°C in France in the event of a severe heat wave, with a thermometer that could climb to 48°C in Nîmes in the Gard, or 45°C in Bordeaux, i.e. maximums much higher than those proposed by the map drawn up in 2014. The greatest differences are observed in the north: according to the new forecasts visible in the video at the top of this article, it could be up to 37° C in Brest in the event of a severe heat wave in 2050, compared to 26°C forecast six years ago.


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