Via Sicura: Some drivers may be less punished


Via SicuraSome drivers may be less punished

After many reversals, the National Council adopted this Tuesday a formula which retains the dissuasive sanctions of Via sicura for speeders, but allows exceptions for very specific cases.

Under certain conditions, alleged drivers could have a reduced sentence.

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Under very strict conditions, the alleged “drivers” may see their sentence reduced. The National Council finalized this Tuesday a slight relaxation of Via sicura, demanded by right-wing parties for years. However, since the start of this reform, Parliament has dithered quite a bit. Firstlythe chambers were in favor of reducing from 24 to 12 months the withdrawal of license for a driving offense and lowering the minimum sentence of one year of deprivation of liberty.

Referendum threat

But, after the referendum threat of the association for the defense of road victims, Road Cross, Parliament backtracked to maintain the 24 month and one year minimum sentence. However, the chambers wanted to keep one of the reasons for this reform, as Valérie Piller Carrard (PS / FR) points out: “The law must continue to punish, while giving the courts greater discretion”.

Two scenarios

Thus, the minimum sentence of one year can be reduced by a court “in the presence of a mitigating circumstance, in particular if the offender acted for respectable motives” (such as the transfer of a pregnant woman about to give birth), or if the offender “has no entry in the criminal record for violation of traffic rules”.

The National Council has tacitly accepted this solution, which the Council of States has yet to confirm during this session.

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