United Kingdom: Apple Stores will be closed next Monday for the funeral of Elizabeth II

UK Apple Stores will be closed next Monday following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. It is on this date that the royal funeral will take place, and the 39 Apple stores across the Channel will therefore temporarily draw the curtain. September 19 will also mark the end of the national mourning observed since the announcement of the Queen’s death.

The Apple Store Covent Garden in London.

Official government guidance says it’s up to each business to decide if they want to close on that day. However, schools will be closed, and employers are encouraged to release their employees:

We expect many workers to be able to take a day off on the public holiday. We also expect employers to respond tactfully to requests from workers to take time off on the day of the funeral.

According MacRumors, Apple also informed its staff that the shops will be running at reduced capacity on Wednesday: this is the first day that the Queen’s coffin should be on display in London. These measures are expected to continue over the weekend for some sites.


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