“Undress me”: a surprise suitor comes to heat Jean under the eyes of Laurence and Nathalie in Love is in the meadow

Last February, Jeans had both amused and touched the viewers of Love is in the meadow 2022, during the portraits of the 13 farmers of this season. On August 22, he was present for the launch of the famous speed-dating and the fans were surprised to discover him very changed! Indeed, the farmer had his teeth redone and Karine Le Marchand is not for nothing. “I’m not unhappy with it“, he had announced on Instagram.

Jean, the heartthrob of these ladies

With her new smile, Jean turned the heads of her suitors and it’s finally Lawrence and Natalie whom he invited to the farm for a few days. Since then, the two women have been like dog and cat and waged a merciless war to win the heart of the farmer. They even took the lead for a story of quiche!

“That’s hot!”… Jean gets flirted with in front of his suitors

If the two rivals don’t let anything pass, they will have even more competition! In episode 3, broadcast on September 5, Jean, Laurence and Nathalie were about to go out to Karaoke. The images of their evening will be broadcast on Monday, September 12, but an excerpt has already been posted on the show’s official Instagram account.

We can see a contender coming out of nowhere and gently warming up Jean by singing the song to her. Undress me… And we can say that the farmer does not seem insensitive to her charms: “Wow, that’s hot! I’m learning here“, he declares, all red and hot as embers!

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