Toulouse. His Master’s is canceled just before the start of the school year, Lou finds himself at the other end of France!

As he was about to start his return to the MEEF Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering Sciences at the INSPé in Toulouse, Lou found himself obliged to review his plans and leave for Lorient (Morbihan) in last moment. (©DP)

It’s a amount of stress which would have gone well Lou, a young man from Caen (Calvados). After a professional license obtained at the faculty of Mont-Saint-Aignan, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime), the Norman saw himself leaving for the south of France to continue his studies. “It was my first choice”, explains the young man who was also accepted for a master’s degree MEEF Industrial Engineering Sciences in Lorient and Lille.

“I declined these two ‘offers’ to come to Toulouse “, he specifies. Finally, the young man will not have the opportunity to discover the Pink City… Explanations.

Back to school on September 7 in Toulouse

“Following your application, you have been admitted to the MEEF Industrial Sciences Master’s degree at the INSPé de Toulouse”, he had the pleasure of reading in an email received on June 25. “You have validated this admission result via the e-candidat site and we have taken note of your wishes”, then specified the educational manager of the Industrial Sciences of the Engineer course.

From then on, Lou did not waste a second to send all the necessary documents to finalize his registration. “I even received my school certificate during the first half of August”, is surprised the Caennais. Once these administrative formalities were settled, the young student could focus on the looking for an apartment and definitely embark on this new adventure far from his native Normandy. His return was scheduled for this Wednesday, September 7, 2022on the INSPé de Rangueil website.

An apartment found… for nothing

As often in these cases, the young man found himself obliged to find accommodation in August so as not to find himself back to the wall before the start of the school year.

“I managed to find an apartment in the Bagatelle sector which I started to pay for last month,” explains Lou. In view of the start of the school year, the Norman had planned to make the trip from Caen, on the handlebars of his motorcycle, with a stopover halfway through. “I had booked an Airbnb accommodation for Friday, September 2…” Unfortunately for him, the trip will never happen…

Closing of the Master a few days before the start of the school year

Wednesday August 31, a few days before departure and return, the young man receives a new email that will upset his immediate future. “I regret to inform you that the training in Industrial Sciences Master 1 of the INSPé de Toulouse Engineer, in which you are registered, will not open for this academic year 2022-2023”, writes the person in charge. pedagogy of training.

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Due to too many withdrawals, the Master’s enrollment fell below the opening limit for a course. A blow for the young man who had not been able to foresee such a turnaround.

“Rest assured that I measure the consequences of this decision for you, and I deeply regret it. »

Pedagogical manager of the Industrial Sciences course of the Master MEEF Engineer (M1 & M2)

Direction… Lorient!

Faced with the urgency of the situation, Lou then decides to pick up his phone to call back the training manager in Lorient in order to find a fallback solution. Finally accepted in Morbihan, the Norman will still have missed the start of the new school year… “It adds stress to my situation”, he is saddened when his scholarship file remains blocked due to his non-registration in the establishment in Lorient.

“The stress is mainly financial… I paid the first month’s rent in Toulouse and the second comes while waiting for the notice period. I also had to find a new apartment in Lorient in less than three days! Even if the situation improves somewhat, I still have a package to retrieve that I had sent to Toulouse…”

Lou student
Lou will spend the year in Lorient, far from Toulouse which was to be his destination at the start of the school year.
Lou will spend the year in Lorient, far from Toulouse which was to be his destination at the start of the school year. (©DP)

“The INSPE management team made this difficult decision in close consultation with the course managers. In July we had a sufficient number of applications to open the course, we do not know why the students withdraw late when they had confirmed their application in July. »

Nadine JesselDirector of INSPE Toulouse Occitanie Pyrénées

The irony of the situation means that the young man finds himself in Lorient, in a class of 6, with a student whose file had previously been refused within the Toulouse training…

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