Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1304 of Thursday, October 27, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Martin and Sébastien discover the identity of the scammer, Victoire and Georges rediscover their complicity. For their part, have Karim and Alex won their bet?

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday October 27 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Although the scammer has slipped through their fingers, Commander Constant is optimistic. Now knowing her modus operandi and having her composite portrait, it is certain that they will end up cornering her. According to him, she is a professional but she is not infallible. As she made a mistake turning on her phone, Martin is convinced that she will make others. For her part, Aurore still finds it strange that they lost her signal exactly when they were going to corner her.

For his part, Nordine is upset. And for good reason, the young man still can’t get over having seen Johanna kiss the prosecutor Perraud. In order to avoid the diplomatic incident, he takes his courage in both hands and announces the bad news to his father. Although he finds it hard to believe, Martin nevertheless tries to reach Johanna but without success. When he confides to her that his affair with the young woman is serious, Nordine wonders if Johanna is the kind of woman to have several men at the same time. Words that sound like a click for Martin who understands that Johanna is the scammer.

Meanwhile, Sébastien visits Raphaëlle to offer her a box of licorice. The opportunity also to confide in his daughter on his new love story. He therefore invites her to dinner to introduce her to the woman who shares his life.

Subsequently, Sébastien meets Commander Constant. Without beating around the bush, the latter tells him that they have a relationship with the same woman. Since he refuses to believe that Claire could be unfaithful, Martin gives a detailed description of the woman he is dating. Of course, Sébastien blames the blow. Even if they are now certain that she is the scammer, Sébastien is careful not to tell the policeman that he has an appointment with Claire at the end of the day.

Back at the police station, Martin tells Aurore the whole story and then tasks her with updating the sketch of the scammer and trying to fix her new phone.

When night falls, Sébastien cancels dinner with his daughter and waits for Claire in her hotel room. When he arrives, he tells her that Commander Constant has come to see him and that he knows that she is the swindler the police are looking for. Before she has time to answer, Sébastien questions her to find out if she had feelings for him. Claire then affirms that she would never have put herself in this situation if she had not fallen in love with him. As she prepares to leave, Sébastien holds her back and says that she won’t leave like that.

A few moments later, Claire retrieves her suitcase and leaves the hotel room, leaving Sébastien unconscious on the floor. Wounded in the forehead, he seems to have been knocked out by a lamp.


In the morning, Lisa starts a laundry when the pellets jump in the house and cause a power outage. Victoire manages to restore the current but when her cousin restarts the machine, the pellets blow again. The two young women do try to find an electrician but between unavailability and exorbitant prices, they come up empty.

Fortunately, Georges has finished his day and arrives to help them. However, he is obviously no better off. Finally, Victoire, Lisa, Amel and Georges choose to take advantage of the situation by having dinner by candlelight. The opportunity for Georges and Victoire to remember some good memories of the time they were together. And as much to say that they are more accomplices than ever, which did not escape the Hassan sisters.


Karim and Alex have accepted the challenge of going all day without eating sugar. A task that promises to be complicated for the policeman who is irritable at work. Between the headaches and the aggressiveness, Karim indeed develops the symptoms of lack.

Alex has meanwhile carefully hidden a box of pralines offered by a customer. Unfortunately, Judith finds them. Understanding that he wanted to eat them on the sly, she taunts her father by tasting the treats before his eyes.

At the end of the day, Alex, Karim, Chloé and Anna are at the Spoon for dinner. Amazed that they managed to last all day, the Delcourt sisters put an end to the challenge earlier than expected. Just when Alex and Karim are considering having a small dessert on the menu, Mona tells them that she has been robbed and that she has nothing more to offer them. Fortunately, an ice cream parlor is a short walk from the restaurant. The two men then hurriedly leave the establishment without even waiting for their companions.

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