Thomas Pesquet photographed the effects of climate change from space

Returning from his second mission to the International Space Station (ISS) on November 8, 2021, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet reveals the thousands of photos he took of our planet, Earth, from space. And his magnificent photos testify to the actions of man on nature: “from up there, you can see very very clearly where man is and where man is not”, confirms the forty-year-old from Rouen.

“We feel helpless, even guilty”

“By day, we realize that very often the beauty of a place is almost inversely proportional to the density of the population”, underlines the astronaut, who notably observed, during his mission in space, the impact of the big fires in the summer of 2022: “We feel helpless, even a little guilty, because climate change is a little bit everyone, unfortunately. »

“Global warming was not a subject when I was a student,” he notes. It is perhaps more so today, and that’s good. Moreover, many astronauts have a greater sensitivity to environmental problems coming down from the Space Station than before boarding it”.

Hear him talk about what he saw in weightlessness in this video from our partner Brut.

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