This Awesome Site Lets You Explore Space From Home

NASA lets you survey the solar system from your screen with its Eyes on the Solar System tool. A good way to deepen your knowledge in a fun way.

An interactive site for astronomy enthusiasts – Credit: NASA

NASA has just updated its Eyes on the Solar System site. This allows enthusiasts to explore the space as they please directly from their computer screen. What offer them a unique insight into the solar system and its planets. It is also possible to simulate the landing of machines such as the Perseverance rover which recently spotted a rock in the shape of a cat. The platform also allows you to learn more about past missions through interactive reconstructions.

Overall, this platform is a gold mine for students and astronomy enthusiasts wishing to deepen their knowledge of the solar system. Note, however, that this tool is not just emerging. It had already existed for a long time in the form of an application. Now it is also available on the NASA website. A good thing since it is more practical to use it on a computer screen.

Follow current NASA missions

The site should probably keep an eye on the future Artemis I mission once it starts. As a reminder, NASA has postponed it to September 27. The update of this tool thus seems to coincide with the imminent start of the mission. In addition to the exploration of the solar system and its planets, the NASA site is thus a good tool for following the maneuvers in progress.

We can therefore already take an interest in space missions already underway, such as DART, which should reach its climax at the end of the month. This will consist of sending a spacecraft to crash into an asteroid in an attempt to deflect its trajectory. A way to test this method of planetary defense in the event of a real threat.

To discover NASA’s interactive site, it’s here.

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