Thierry (Love is in the meadow) frightened by one of his suitors, a very embarrassing scene revealed

This year in Love is in the meadow, Thierry is making a comeback, seven years after its first participation. At the time, he fell for Annick and thought he had found the woman of his life in her. Unfortunately, the seductive blonde had decided to leave him suddenly, leaving him completely depressed. The 65-year-old winemaker had even lost 20 kilos.

For his second chance on the show, Thierry wanted to do things very differently by reviewing his requirements. At the end of his speed-datings, these are therefore Remedioscalled Rémé, a pretty blonde divorced and alone for 20 years, and Sylviane, a brunette retired for 2 years, who were chosen to spend a few days at his home on the farm. In the episode of this Monday, September 12, viewers have precisely followed their respective arrival.

And from the start, for Rémé, the competition was on. By arriving first, she proved that she was determined to stand out. For this, she offered Thierry a string of good homemade dishes and desserts. She also took advantage of her short lead over her rival to reiterate her good intentions towards Thierry and her crush on him. “You know what ? I like you“, she blurted out, making our rather reserved farmer somewhat uncomfortable. Rémé didn’t stop there and even asked him to project himself and consider kissing her. “We’re not intimate yet, wait“, he then reminded her, embarrassed by the situation. Thierry even added that his suitor made him “fear“.”Rémédios doesn’t understand that she’s going too fast, I need time. There are two participants, she is not alone“, he confided in an aside a little later.

Moreover, Sylviane ended up joining them. A relief for Thierry who felt “trap“. And after only a few minutes of discussion, his preference was already emerging. “I really have a crush on Sylviane. I want to get closer. What I like about her is her discretion, she is not on the job or in the demonstration“, he judged. Quite the opposite of Rémédios therefore …

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