These signals sent by the brain that show you have to step out of your comfort zone

TIPS – If by definition, the comfort zone is reassuring, it can also confine and turn off the individuals who find themselves there. Certain signs can put the flea in the ear and encourage you to get out of it.

For several years, you have held the same position, follow the same schedules, coexist during the day with the same colleagues. Comfortable days, in which you enter each morning as in very warm slippers. At the same time, you go to the same restaurant every Friday and your Sunday jogging circuit has been the same for two years. You are certainly in what is called the “comfort zone”. “A space of security, familiar, in which we feel good and which brings together our daily life habits”, comments Céliane Moller, clinical psychologist.

Only this well-oiled mechanism that reassures can also confine. Certain signs are unmistakable: a feeling of daily heaviness, boredom, fear when it is necessary to change one’s habits and confront the unknown. You can gradually lose your motivation, your self-confidence, “even develop depression or anxiety”, continues the psychologist. This…

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