These excesses of rage that he inherited from his father, Kate Middleton forced to manage


It is no longer a secret for anyone, King Charles III is a man who has very difficult to manage his excesses of anger. When he was officially proclaimed king on Saturday, September 10, the new monarch could not retain his calm and then appeared furious for an improbable and unimportant reason. This is not the first time that the son of Elizabeth II. And the member of his staff often pays the price. And it may well be that his eldest son Prince William of Wales also inherited this angry character. How does Kate Middleton manage?

A future monarch with a fiery temper? This is Robert Lacey, author of Battle of Brotherswhich brought to the fore William’s angry character. Behind the scenes, the Prince of Wales would not fail to raise his voice. A personality that would worry even Buckingham Palace. In May 2022, in Evening MagMarc Roche, author of The Borgias at Buckingham (Editions Albin Michel) also evoked the unpredictable attitude of the husband of Kate Middleton. “[William] has a split personality. On the one hand he is a conventional being, proud of it, traditional and dedicated to the taskhe said. On the other, no doubt because of his troubled youth, he is angry, full of himself and his person, suffers badly from…

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