the weather feared by firefighters



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We find live from the Gironde, Tuesday, September 13, the journalist Amaëlle Brignoli, who explains that the fire is still not under control.

The next few hours promise to be decisive in Gironde. “The fire is active and continues slowly but surely to progress“, says journalist Amaëlle Brignoli, live from Gironde, Tuesday, September 13. “1,800 hectares have now gone up in smoke since 5 p.m. yesterday, especially since the weather does not bode well.“, she continues. “The wind is starting to pick up”.

In the early afternoon, strong, swirling winds, like tonight, are expected, not to mention the weather. It will be over 30 degrees this afternoon in Saumos“, details Amaëlle Brignoli. The firefighters therefore remain particularly vigilant. “They are more than 380 to be hard at work. More than 220 vehicles are also mobilized. In the early afternoon, two columns of firefighters from Rhône-Alpes and the Grand Est are expected. Two canadairs also”concludes the journalist.

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