The water of the oceans would come from asteroids according to a new study

According to a study carried out during a Japanese space mission, the results of which were published on August 15 in the scientific journal Nature Astronomy, asteroids are the source of water on Earth.

An interesting discovery. Thanks to samples brought back in 2020 by the Japanese probe Hayabusa-2, from the asteroid Ryugu, the results of the analyzes have accredited the theory of an extraterrestrial origin of water.

According to the study published in the scientific journal Nature Astronomy, C-type asteroids like Ryugu “rich in volatile substances, able to easily change from solid to gaseous state, and organic or carbonaceous, could have been one of the main sources of water on Earth.

signs of compatibility

While the contributions of organic matter and water to the Earth have always been the subject of debate, this time the study explained that organic substances, including hydrogen and nitrogen atoms, have showed signs of compatibility between the water of the asteroids and that of the oceans.

The research teams also felt that “Ryugu particles are the least contaminated solar system materials available for laboratory studies, helping to provide and expand understanding of the overall composition of the solar system.”

As a reminder, the Japanese probe had managed to collect 5.4 grams of rock and black dust from Ryugu, and a capsule containing this exceptional cargo had thus returned to Earth at the end of 2020.

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