The Voice, Star Academy, Koh-Lanta, Intervilles … the surprising ranking of the favorite programs of the French

This Friday, September 2, TF1 broadcast “The 50 favorite programs of the French”. A tribute to the cult programs that mark or have marked television. But the ranking unveiled at the end of the program sparked heated debate on social networks.

It’s a surprising ranking that threw TF1 viewers off balance. This Friday, September 2, the channel unveiled the top 50 favorite programs of the French, from a survey carried out by the Harris Interactive Institute with a sample of 1,500 people supposed to represent the French population.

Surprised netizens

As relayed by Le Point, the podium is monopolized by Capital (M6), Rendez-vous in Unknown Land (France 2) and Les Guignols de l’Info (Canal +).

Something to surprise many Internet users who thought they were seeing certain classics such as Star Academy, Burger Quiz, Koh-Lanta or Top Chef higher in the rankings. But respondents clearly favored escape programs, which monopolize 40% of the top 10 places.

Star Academy 43rd but WTF this show is well worth the 3rd place it’s nonsense there #The50Emissions

— FabiShow #WWECastle #ClashAtTheCastle (@fabien_fichaux) September 2, 2022

Here is the complete top 50 of the favorite shows of the French, according to this Harris Interactive poll for TF1:

1.Capital (M6)
2. Rendezvous in unknown land (France 2)
3. News Guignols (Canal+)
4. Thalassa (France 3)
5. Apartment or house search (M6)
6. Great escapes (France 5)
7. The Voice (TF1)
8. Koh Lanta (TF1)
9. The Enfoirés (TF1)
10. Ushuaia Nature (TF1)
11. Fort Boyard (France 2)
12. Top Chef (M6)
13. The Best Pastry Chef (M6)
14. Intercity (TF1)
15. 50′ Inside (TF1)
16. The Biggest Cabaret in the World (France 2)
17. Love is in the meadow (M6)
18. The 12 noon shots (TF1)
19. Nightmare in the kitchen (M6)
20. Who wants to make millions? (TF1)
21. Daily (TMC)
22. France has incredible talent (M6)
23. Taratata (France 2)
24. Bring in the accused (France 2 / RMC Story)
25. Nowhere Else (Canal+)
26. Don’t forget the lyrics (France 2)
27. Le Grand Journal (Canal+ )
28. Beijing Express (M6)
29. Heaven my Tuesday (TF1)
30. Hello, it’s us (TF1)
31. The Right Price (TF1)
32. Questions for a champion (France 3)
33. The Dorothy Club (TF1)
34. Dancing with the stars (TF1)
35. Deal concluded (France 2)
36. Friday anything goes with Arthur (TF1)
37. The Bigdil (TF1)
38. This is Canteloup (TF1)
39. An Almost Perfect Dinner (M6/W9)
40. C to you (France 5)
41. Children of TV (TF1 / France 2)
42. Numbers and letters (Antenne 2 / France 2 / France 3)
43. Star Academy (TF1 / NRJ 12)
44. The Weak Link (TF1/C8)
45.D&CO (M6)
46. ​​Burger Quiz (Canal+ / TMC)
47. Telematin (France 2)
48. It’s my choice (France 3 / Chérie 25)
49. Hit Machine (M6)
50. The Wheel of Fortune (TF1)

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