The very moving video interview of Mr. Pokora who evokes Alzheimer’s disease!

In addition to bringing together thousands of people at his concerts and working hard to offer new titles to his fans, M Pokora is an artist very committed to the causes that are dear to him. On the other hand, not sure that Lionel Tim agrees with that. Indeed, the one who started in music alongside the companion of Christina Milian and Otis, with Link Uphad some regrets about his ex-partner in our columns several months ago.

“I’m not embittered and I love him. It just seems to me that if I were in his place, I would be thinking of the homies I started with. For 20 years of Popstars, specials are planned, the L5 are reforming… We could have done a little revival”he regretted, for example, reproaching the young dad for not having tried to reform the group for the time of a broadcast.

Memories engraved in his memory

Reproaches that M Pokora seems to have heard as evidenced by the new interview with Lionel Tim on the airwaves of Virgin Radio this Thursday, September 15. Indeed, the ex-candidate of pop stars noted that “on the Epicenter teaser, there’s footage of us at the beginning where he explains that’s where he’s from. I don’t know, maybe there will be a grace from heaven saying, ‘ You started with me. Honestly, it would be nice to give a little wink to two big dates where we surprise the public. Come on, let’s redo My star on stage re-orchestrated’. Yes, that would be interesting”.

If M Pokora has not yet reacted to Lionel Tim’s statement, the artist still had time to answer a few questions from the Medical Research Foundation. Ambassador of the association which carries out actions against #Alzheimer’s disease, the companion of Christina Milian evoked, for the occasion, moments of his life that he will never forget and in particular his grandfather. “When we walked around after eating when I stayed with my grandparents in the summer and we went for a walk… And see the admiration of others, this kind of respect that I could read in people’s eyes towards him. I would say that it is beautiful memories that I have with him. The class, it is someone for whom I have unlimited admiration “he confided with emotion.

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