The UCM promises the nuclear apocalypse in Verviers following the parking tax

Of course, this tax on car parks is not Verviers’ only idea for scraping off a few crowns here and there. Inevitably, each new royalty creates its share of dissatisfied people. Verviers, for example, creates a tax on small dwellings.

A tax that does not convince the opposition side this time. Indeed, the Ecolo group does not see it in a good light. Dany Smeets points out that: “In quite a few situations, this kind of accommodation is adequate: little to heat, little to maintain, nobody alone, that’s enough and it’s cheaper. 28 m² is often accommodation for a person who does not know how or does not want to afford more expensive accommodation. He also believes that this tax will increase rents.

For him the tax will once again impact the lowest incomes, which Alexandre Loffet defends.

The tax on motive power, a tax which concerns all activities that use a motor, is on its side modified as well as the tourist tax. It should be noted that the tax on motive power does not please the UCM either. Verviers extends the tax on unoccupied buildings to tax dilapidated buildings.

The tax on garbage cans, for its part, does not change.

It is also recalled that Verviers aims to recover €500,000 per year via a change in the distribution key for the relief zone. In this case, it is the neighboring municipalities that complain.


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