The temperature of the Mediterranean Sea will drop 10°C in 48 hours

The arrival of strong winds and the end of the high temperatures will lead to a drop in the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea by Saturday.

From 24°C to 14°C. Between Thursday and Saturday, the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea will drop nearly 10°C along the coasts from the Camargue to the Bouches-du-Rhône, indicates meteorological engineer Alexis Vandevoorde on his Twitter account.

If this Friday, temperatures are still high around 23°C near Marseille, the drop will increase on Saturday to reach 14°C and then stabilize until the end of the week, details the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy via the data published on its site.

Upwelling of cold waters

Two phenomena explain this sudden drop in temperatures in the Mediterranean. First a “mixing effect” allowed by the strong winds which rise in the region with the Mistral blowing up to 70 km / h this Friday around the Bouches-du-Rhône or even 100 km / h going towards Corsica .

The decline is also accentuated by “upwelling”, that is to say the “rise of colder deep waters on the surface”, specifies Alexis Vandevoorde. Here too, it is the winds that are the cause: by blowing from the coasts towards the sea, they make it possible to repel warm waters and bring cold waters, details The Weather Channel on his site.

“Good news for reducing sea temperature anomalies, unprecedented in the Mediterranean basin,” adds meteorological engineer Alexis Vandevoorde.

This warming has not been without consequences for biodiversity with the death of many corals. These very high temperatures have led to “a formidable ocean heat wave for biodiversity since the beginning of summer”, confirms Alexis Vandevoorde.

To the end of july, Mediterranean temperatures reached 26°C in Marseille and up to 28°C in Porto-Vecchio. A peak of 30.7°C was even observed on the east coast of Corsica.

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