the successor to the now complete Scientific Council

The mission of Covars is to monitor “the health risks linked to infectious agents affecting humans and animals”, “environmental and food pollutants” and “climate change”.

The “committee for monitoring and anticipating health risks“, or Covars, successor to the Scientific Council created to deal with Covid-19, is now complete, with 18 members, whose appointment is published Thursday, September 29 in the Official Journal. Until then, only the president of this committee created more than a month ago, the immunologist Brigitte Autran, had been chosen.

The “committee for monitoring and anticipating health riskswill have 18 members, including 15 scientists or health professionals – 12 men and 3 women -, according to a decree published in the Official Journal, a few hours before its official installation by the Ministers of Health François Braun and Research Sylvie Retailleau. They are appointed for a period of two years, renewable once.

Some former members of the scientific council will be part of it, including virologist Bruno Lina, infectiologist Denis Malvy, modeler at the Institut Pasteur Simon Cauchemez, veterinarian Thierry Lefrançois. The Covars will also include a former member of the Vaccine Strategy Orientation Council (COSV) – also dissolved – Mélanie Heard, head of the health center of the Terra Nova think tank.

Monitor “health risks”

In the newcomers, a specialist in “wildlife ecology and ecosystem health“, Patrick Giraudoux, a deputy head of emergencies at the Nice University Hospital, Julie Contenti, a general practitioner, Olivier Saint-Lary, or even a specialist in sexual and reproductive health, Annabel Desgrées du Loû, also a member of the National Committee of ethics.

In addition to these specialists, there are two patient representatives, Yvanie Caillé, founder of the Renaloo association (and former member of the COSV), and Cécile Offerlé, member of Aides, as well as a citizen representative, Véronique Loyer, volunteer director. at the Claude Pompidou Foundation. This committee, created this summer, succeeds, with a broader aim, the Scientific Council created in 2020 and chaired by Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, which ceased to exist with the lifting of the state of health emergency at the end of July. .

Its mission is to monitorhealth risks related to infectious agents affecting humans and animals“, them “environmental and food pollutants” and the “climate change“. This global vision, described as “one healthby its promoters, is increasingly defended by a number of public health specialists. The Covars, whose opinions will be made public, is responsible for making recommendations in the face of a health threat or crisis.

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