The success story of United Airlines told with Apple

It is a branded solution to attract customers: the case studies on the official Apple website dedicated to companies follow one another, each more complete than the other. The newcomer is the story of United Airlines (UA), one of the largest in the United States with a fleet of more than thousand planes for nearly 350 destinations across the globe.

In a paper just published, we learn that the firm has deployed more than one hundred and twenty thousand Apple devices within its teams. A considerable figure, which is based on more than ten years of experience in collaboration with the firm of Tim Cook. In total, this partnership would have even made it possible to avoid thirteen million minutes of delay at the airport!

The companion app, this gem

Among the key factors of this success, UA highlights the efficiency of its iOS-app dedicated to employees. This allows them to be assigned to flights in real time and to know their schedule easily. An included feature also offers them the possibility of chatting with customer service as soon as necessary, which again limits boarding delays.

UA isn’t the only company that takes Apple’s products seriously. Indeed, on the brand’s website, there is also the testimony of another company going in the same direction: Finnair. Same for the tokyo subwayone of the most developed networks in the world and which capitalizes enormously on the potential offered by iPadOS to help its technicians in the galleries.

Services too

Apple for companies is also a whole range of services ideally designed for professionals. The Apple Business Essentials suite, in particular, makes it possible to quickly deploy a garrison of mac or tablets when moving into a new office. With administrator and remote access to check the permissions of each user at any time.

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