The story of Jeffrey Dahmer “by Ryan Murphy does not please these relatives of victims

IMdb Ryan Murphy’s new series on Jeffrey Dahmer does not please these relatives of victims


Ryan Murphy’s new Jeffrey Dahmer series doesn’t sit well with those loved ones (Photo by Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer)

SERIES – Don’t idealize ” the ” freak ” and this ” memory of the victims “. Wednesday, September 21 on Netflix released the series by Ryan Murphy, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story which returns, in 10 episodes, to the journey of the famous Wisconsin serial killer. This is Evan Peters (American Horror Story, X Men) who stars as the cannibalistic murderer, who killed at least 17 men between 1978 and 1991.

Jeffrey Dahmer, nicknamed “thee Milwaukee Cannibal was convicted of 16 murders and died in prison two years after his incarceration, in 1994, killed by a fellow inmate. The facts are unspeakable: choosing men in gay bars, sometimes minors, and most of the time of color, he lured them to his home, killed them and dismembered them. As specified 20 minutessometimes necrophiliac and cannibalistic, he kept certain members of his victims in ” memory “.

Today, while the stories of serial killers seem to fascinate viewers, the families of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims denounce this new series, while two films have already been released on him in 2002 and 2017.

“Reviving Trauma”

“I know ‘true crime’ is a hit right now, but if you’re interested in victims, my family is mad at this show. It brings the trauma back again and again, and for what? How many films/series/documentaries do we need? »said on Twitterthe cousin of Errol Lindsey, one of the murdered men.

He thus evokes Rita Isbell, the victim’s big sister who had lost her temper in front of Dahmer during the trial. A scene transcribed identically in the series and which has gone viral in recent days.

More broadly, Ryan Murphy’s series has ” rekindled some trauma for the LGBT community from Milwaukee, Scott Gunkel told Fox. An LGBT activist and working in a gay bar where some of the victims came from, he crossed paths with the murderer. “They all had families. It’s unfortunate that they constantly have these new movies and series coming out. It’s hard to turn the page.”he added.

On the casting side, we also call on spectators to take a step back from the work. Actor Shaun J. Brown plays Tracy Edwards, a victim who managed to escape Jeffrey Dahmer: “I’m not naïve about the fact that murders and true crimes are sensational. However, I ask you, when you watch the series, to remember that these men were sons, best friends, cousins, uncles, with dreams, hopes and goals that they could not achieve. »

The Netflix series about Dahmer is out, let’s not idealize Jeffrey Dahmer just because he’s played by Evan Peters. Remember the victims “.

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