The reusable pizza box was born in the Var

Let’s go for three months of study in favor of the circular economy.

Thanks to Filidéchet, an innovation support program for the recovery of waste from economic activities, funded by ADEME [Agence de l’environnement et de la maîtrise de l’énergie] and the South Region, the Var association Ecoscience Provence was able to bring its reusable pizza box project to its experimental phase.

Towards a marketable version

For the past few days, ten pizzaiolos from the territory of Green Provence have been distributing around a hundred of these sustainable packaging free of charge to their willing customers to test their use.

Each Nomad – that’s the name of the box – is labeled with a QR code that guides the consumer through three survey questionnaires that should lead to the design of a marketable product.

“The survey should determine the extent to which consumers are ready to change their habits”says Mikaël Schneider, director of Ecoscience Provence.

“The boxes distributed for the experiment are prototypes. We will be able to identify a marketable form and we will evaluate an acceptable price. We know that it will not be comparable with the price of the disposable. But we have the reference of the gourd: we knows today that consumers are ready to pay up to 30 or 40 euros for a water bottle. The Nomad could, likewise, become an object of consumption.”

“We can even imagine that this sustainable packaging could become a gift object, as is already the case with the water bottle”supports Eric Audibert, the president of SIVED NG [Syndicat intercommunal pour la valorisation et l’élimination des déchets dans le centre Var Nouvelle Génération]which subsidizes Ecoscience Provence.

Can we bet that La Nomade will completely replace cardboard boxes in the near future? “It’s not impossible, but it would require a complete change of organization”suggests Sylvain Pacini, pizza maker in Forcalqueiret.

Two years of consultation with professionals and consumers were needed to create the prototype of La Nomade. Its design was entrusted to the Lyon agency EcoDesign.

The first phase of the creative process consisted in soaking up the specificities of the territory and the organization of the pizza makers in their workspace.

Three proposals were then submitted to the pizza makers. The unified concept was developed in early 2022, followed by the production phase.

Patent pending

La Nomade has been patented by Ecoscience Provence. Its manufacture was entrusted to European companies.

It is made up of two elements: a fabric cover and two trays. The covers were cut and assembled in Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres in the Gard by the company Sonefi, a specialist in felt and technical fabrics.

The trays are made of spruce wood from European forests, labeled PEFC [Programme de reconnaissance des certifications forestières]. They were cut and worked in Carpentras in the Vaucluse by the company Pic Bois Azur Signalétique.

The preparatory survey determined that 80% of consumers buy two pizzas when ordering. This information was taken into account for the technical design of the box.

If the product becomes popular, tons of boxes (between 30 and 40 per year for green Provence alone) could be eliminated from waste circuits.


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