the queen’s children moved around the coffin

The four children of Queen Elizabeth II, including King Charles, gathered on Monday in Saint-Gilles Cathedral in Edinburgh.

Very strong first images. This Monday evening, during the funeral wake around Queen Elizabeth’s hearse in Edinburgh, her four children, Anne, Edward, Andrew and the new King Charles, experienced an emotional moment.

Together, they showed themselves for the first time in front of their mother’s remains, in a moment of contemplation for several minutes. Charles stands at the head of the coffin, the crown behind him.

With his brothers and sister, they all stand with their backs to the hearse, heads down. A strong symbol, according to the BBC, to stand guard in front of the coffin during this vigil. They chose not to be armed with swords.

Visibly all very moved by this solemn moment

Queen Consort Camilla and Sophie, Countess of Wessex are seated nearby. The public files past the coffin. After a few tens of minutes, the four children leave, visibly all very moved by this solemn moment.

A few cheers were heard as they left, and several people in the audience waved goodbye to the royals.

The BBC points out that Princess Anne’s appearance makes her the first woman to be part of the vigil, which has so far been led by all-male members of the royal family.

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