The Marseillais: More than 10 years in prison for the husband of a candidate, devastated, she comes out of silence

Friday November 4, Christophe Dicranian, the husband of Liam Di Benedetto (Marseilles, Secret Story) has been “placed in police custody around 7 p.m. after being arrested at the Capitou tollbooth, on the A8 motorway, in the Var, more than 60 km from Nice, as part of a preliminary investigation for acts of trafficking narcotics“, indicated to AFP. An arrest which suggests that it may have taken place in order to prevent the man from fleeing. Some bloggers even declare that he tried to leave for the Spain He was indeed expected at the same time in court for the deliberation of the judgment which finally sentenced him to 12 years in prison.

As if by chance, we arrested him at 6:30 p.m.“, while the judgment was to be rendered at 7 p.m., “and this in the context of a preliminary investigation, it is not a normal process“, reacted the lawyer of Christophe Dicranian – judged since October 24 with twelve other defendants -, Me Audrey Vazzana. Christophe Dicranian who, according to the public prosecutor Jean-Philippe Navarre, was at the head of the network where he played “a role of director, organizer“, was also fined 50,000 euros and banned from managing for 5 years.

He had been caught in the past for drug trafficking. In 2016, the judicial police of Nice had discovered in three boxes and at the homes of the defendants 580 kg of cannabis, stolen vehicles used to transport drugs, 8 kg of cocaine and 560,000 euros in cash. It’s a lot… “Over the prevention period, a little less than a year, this network is suspected of having sold no less than 3 tons of cannabis“, specify our colleagues from Parisian. In 2019, he was then summoned to the Nice court for having “directed or organized a group whose object is the production, manufacture, import, export, transport, possession, offer, transfer, acquisition or illicit use of narcotics“. He was then sentenced to six months in prison. In total, Christophe Dicranian had already been sentenced four times for drug trafficking, including the last time in 2007 to eight years in prison.

Liam Di Benedetto and Christophe Dicranian got married in September 2020 and they have a child together, Sharly, born in July 2021. She is also the mother of Joy (4 years old) – born from a previous relationship – who unfortunately recognized as 80% disabled and educated by Christophe Dicranian. For his part, he had a first daughter, from a previous relationship, Sya. “I think of Joy, I say to myself that she is 4 years old and when my husband comes out: ‘how old will Joy be?’. Even Sharly. I also think of my husband’s children, of my husband’s father. To all the people who love him. It’s a horror!“, she let out in tears. “Cis terrible, it falls on us like that, 6 years later, with children in the middle (…) I love my husband more than anythinghis presence is essential“Liam had said desperately yesterday. On Snapchat, after the judgment, Liam took the floor to express his sadness declaring that it was one of the hardest days of his life. She recovered a t-shirt with the smell of her darling and admits living badly in the empty house without him.She also clarified that her husband had not tried to flee to Spain contrary to what has been said.

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