The Loire brand Pizza Cozy voted favorite take-out pizza brand

The best take-out pizzas come from the Loire! if we are to believe Capital Magazine
. He just elected Pizza Cozy brand “favorite brand of pizzas to take away or delivered”. A pride for Florent Mercier, Ligerian and founder of the brand: “I am very proud of the work that the teams have done so far. I am very proud of the work that the franchisees also do in the field every day vis-à-vis our consumers”.

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In twelve years, Pizza Cozy has established itself well beyond the Loire, everywhere in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and even in Reunion or even in Sables d’Olonne and Bordeaux. How to end the year with 65 restaurants and 650 employees.

French products worked from the Loire, at La Talaudière

In order to make the pizzas, some of the products are made in a central kitchen at La Talaudière, where about ten people work. “It brings uniformitysays Florent Mercier, because we work with 100% fresh products, so it allows us to control the quality and freshness of the ingredients”.

Knowing that 95% of the ingredients come from France : “The raw ham comes from Bayonne, which claims the red label. Our flour comes from Saint-Etienne. Only the mozzarella comes from Naples”. Mozzarella which features prominently on Florent Mercier’s favorite pizza, the margherita.

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