the incredible diplomatic puzzle being played out behind the scenes

The tributes were unanimous. But the organization of the queen’s funeral is a diplomatic puzzle. As Charles III completes his tour as new king across the UK on Friday in Wales, three days before the grandiose funeral of his mother Elizabeth II, a symbol of stability and unity for the British for more than 70 years, the British authorities have been racking their brains since the beginning of the week in order to properly organize the last tribute to the Queen.

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Next Monday in London, there will be heads of state from all over the world. But the guest list is controversial. The conditions under which they will come and also move.

Thus, if Russian President Vladimir Putin had already declared that he would not be present, Russia denounced the attitude “blasphemous” and “immoralof the United Kingdom against him, after London decided not to invite a Russian representative to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday, amid diplomatic tensions between the two countries. If the Kremlin host is not invited, the Belarusian president, either.In the war in Ukraine, the United Kingdom supports Ukraine, openly and firmly.

Other countries that have not received invitation cards: the Burmese, Syrian, Venezuelan, North Korean and Afghan leaders.

The Chinese question is more thorny. Xi Jinping is invited, but he did not give his answer. Beijing assures that it will send a “high-level” delegation. Even in the ranks of the British majority, this prospect cringes, London has regularly condemned the ongoing genocide against the Uyghurs. Turkish Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro will also come.

On the side of historical allies, French President Emmanuel Macron will also be present to show the link “unwavering” of his country with the United Kingdom and pay tribute to a “eternal queen“. Despite the tensions following Brexit, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the President of the European Council Charles Michel will also make the trip. Many leaders will come from the countries of which Elizabeth II was the monarch, despite the Republican inclinations which are shaking some of these kingdoms, while representatives of the 56 Commonwealth countries will be making the trip.Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau of Canada, Anthony Albanese of Australia and Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand are all expected to attend.

And then, Joe Biden will be there. He will come in his plane and be driven in his armored presidential limousine, “The Beast”. We can not refuse anything here to the American president, privileged partner. Even if it is in total contradiction with the rules decreed by the authorities, then how to tell now to the other heads of state that they must take commercial flights and travel by bus in the capital?

Phones get hot in embassies. It will then take care of the installation plan in Westminster Abbey: another puzzle in perspective. The place can only accommodate around 2,000 people, only heads of state and one or two guests per country have, according to the press, been invited to the first national funeral in the United Kingdom since 1965.

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