the incidence rate is falling again in the Loire

The absence of masks in the back-to-school photos almost made some people forget that the coronavirus is still circulating in the Loire department. But the services of the Loire prefecture reminded everyone to be vigilant by transmitting the epidemiological point on Monday with the indicators for the week of August 24 to 30.

Last week, the incidence rate was 164.42 per 100,000 inhabitants while seven days earlier it was 189.69 per 100,000 inhabitants. The positivity rate is also down since according to the data, it stands at 17.99% against 21.21% last week. The other good news is the number of hospitalizations which has decreased significantly. Last week 108 patients were hospitalized, 9 less than the previous week. The trend is the same for the number of people in critical care: while there were 9 in these services between August 17 and 23, there were only 5 the following week.

While the fear of a new wave for the start of winter is more and more significant, the services of the prefecture recall the importance of vaccination in the fight against Covid-19. The opportunity to recall that 76.4% of residents of the Loire region received a second dose and 58.1% received a booster dose.

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