The improbable fall of Stéphane Legar in Dancing with the stars makes internet users laugh, he reacts (VIDEO)

This Friday, November 4, and like every week in Dance with the stars on TF1, Stéphane Legar and Calisson Goasdoué wowed viewers by putting on the show. The duo first charmed the audience with a moving and sensual rumba to the rhythm of I promise you by Johnny Hallyday, before setting fire with a paso doble on the explosive title Bad by Michael Jackson.

But after this second performance, returning to his chair with the other candidates, Stéphane Legar suffered an astonishing fall. As she sat down, her chair gently fell back. The singer dragged down the chair of his partner Calisson Goasdoué, who was about to sit down in turn. Fortunately, the dancer realized this and did not fall in turn.

The sequence (available at the end of the article, editor’s note) particularly amused Internet users but also Stéphane Legar himself, who did not hesitate to share the video of his fall several times in his Instagram story, adding emojis to it. hilarious. “Yes, yes, my back is fine, don’t worry!“, he added, however, anxious not to worry his fans who are eager to support him in the final which will take place on Friday, November 11.

Indeed, in the ballot, Stéphane and Calisson were saved by the jury and will therefore face Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot as well as Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy. It was Thomas Da Costa and Elsa Bois who were eliminated in this semi-final. Note that a few hours before the semi-final of Dance with the starsStéphane Legar has released his new single, effective and full of good energy Live againaccompanied by a clip where he dances with… Calisson Goasdoué!

Hugo Mallais


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