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The French restaurant chain Pizza Del Arte joins the long list of companies offering to subscribe to their services. An advantageous model for companies, but a double-edged sword for buyers.

After Netflix or SUVs, the subscription for pizzas. Recently, Pizza Del Arte offers to come and eat pizzas and pastas every day, for 36 euros per month. The French channel joins the long list of companies that offer their goods or services in exchange for regular remuneration, in countless sectors, from transport to telephony, sports halls, audiovisual or even l ‘energy.

Despite the criticisms of observers who point to its mechanism of influence on the consumer, even large retailers are now yielding to this logic. For a price comprised of 5.99 and 10 euros per month, Casino, Monoprix, Carrefour or Leader Price customers can benefit from a reduction on their basket. The model seduces the French – they accumulated an average of 10 in 2021, a figure which has almost doubled in five years – and brings in big: 5.3 billion in turnover last year, 10 billion expected in 2025, d ‘after a study conducted by the company Telecoming, which specializes in the development of the digital economy.

If the principle is not new –


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