The French language in danger

One of the obvious causes of the disintegration of our language – which is expressed through the mania for so-called “inclusive” writing – is rejection of Latin etymology. Lauthor (without -e) of The French War (2018) sends a call to order to the French Academy.

Since the death of Jacqueline de Romilly, is it excessive or even unfair to say that the French Academy has neglected, under feminist pressure, the Latin heritage of our language? To the point of declaring, against all linguistic logic, during this Homeric, deadly battle, what is the “feminization of our language”, this comical thing, that the letter -e, granted, out of benevolence to the ladies, had to remain a letter mute!

I am one of the first to have trumpeted, in online newspapers, and tirelessly, for five years, that the letter -e was a Trojan horse, at the very moment when some, including an Academician, rejoiced that with the “e” women were made…visible even if this visibility came at the cost of their silence. Now we are rightly moved, but oh how late! of the epidemic of inclusiveness, everywhere, in the administrations and National Education. To cut it short, wouldn’t it have been necessary for the Académie Française to recall, without qualms, and repeat, if necessary, the obvious facts that hold in a few sentences: grammatical gender is not sex, -e is in no way a feminine suffix, a noun is not an adjective, variable in “gender and number”, French spelling is etymological and not phonetic, we do not decree the new genesis of our language in 2022. And the President of the Republic was to recall, by the voice of the Prime Minister, and in person, if necessary, the Ordinance of Villers-Cotterêts (1539), guarantor of the unity of our language, therefore of our country, because the history of the language, in France, has always been a struggle.

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With feminist ideology, now, we see coupled, ad nauseam, fanaticism and ignorance. To speak “the language of Molière”, we get busy! Every day, this is Toinette’s phrase in imaginary sick saying to Argan: “Ignorantus, ignoranta, ignorantum »! Except that it is no longer time to laugh. Or to plow the sea by noting the archipelization of our country, the disintegration of this and that: it must be remedied by concrete measures. Yes, our language is under attack: it is even in mortal danger. I do not know what the initiative of Zemmour is worth, which requires the active commitment of parents of students to denounce the influence of ideologies at school. What I do know is that it would be good to no longer keep aside, as we do, certain philologists – even if they were certified in Classics, a discipline that we want to see disappear because it testifies, strikingly, of the Latin heritage of our language.

When will “my General” or “my Colonel” in the presidential mouth, on July 14? No one doubts, in fact, that the firefighters and the alpine hunters are in the starting blocks of the dictionaries to come. But why not “medicine” for the feminine of doctor? A Professor at the College de France, sorry, a teacher, Wasn’t it made signet ring of the Legion of Honor? Why, you say? Because we can’t stop progress! This is why our school is at the top of the tables of excellence in the world rankings!

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