The first human being in history looks like Vin Diesel, real or fake?

News hardware The first human being in history looks like Vin Diesel, real or fake?

We love science, but when it is reported on Twitter, we are entitled to doubt it. Researchers have reproduced the face of the first man, and it is a spitting image of Vin Diesel.

The first human, lookalike of Vin Diesel?

It was a Twitter account by the name of Alamo Drafthouse NYC that reported this “information”. While research is carried out every day to unravel the mysteries of human beings, Princeton University in the USA would have refined their findings on the beginnings of our species to reproduce a 3D rendering of what the first human would have looked like.

Dating back several million years, Man as we know him today does not date from the last rain but does not seem to have so many different traits from us, the men of 2022. Here is the image posted on Twitter:

The publication has toured a lot and many people have noticed that the person presented looks like two drops of water to our dear Vin Diesel. The iconic actor from the Fast and Furious film series but also more recently the voice of Groot in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, has many look-alikes, but this one is striking.

You suspected it, it’s a fake

After seeing this tweet, we hastened to try to gather other sources or better, a publication on behalf of the university of Princeton directly. But naive as we are, we couldn’t find anything on the Internet because this is obviously a fake.

The “problem” is that many took it literally, and other media even relayed it without mentioning that the information was false.

As proof, the author of this little joke specifies in replying to his own tweet that it is not an academic journal but an entertainment account. But hey, on Twitter you know…

Not the first, not the last

This is not the first time that such information has circulated on Twitter. Part of a joke, it can quickly become true information after a few shares.

Another post like this a few days ago showed that “Scientists at Stanford University have reproduced an 3D model of what Joseph, the companion of Mary, could have looked like, the mother of Jesus in the Bible.

In reality, this was just a 3D bust of Andre the Giant, Frenchman and absolute legend of wrestling who died in 1993.

Although jokingly in this case, the use of AI is becoming more and more widespread and can very easily spill false information if properly controlled. This is the problem met by Meta during the development of their AI that can create a video from scratch from a simple written description.

To counter fake news, Meta intends to add a watermark so that everyone is aware that the video is not real.

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