The face of Ramses II reconstructed for the first time by researchers

The scientists based themselves in particular on the study of the skull of the mummy of the pharaoh, who died nearly 3300 years ago.

Statues, engravings, frescoes… Ramses II has been immortalized many times in history. But this time it was modeled with much more realism. A team of scientists has reconstructed the face of the famous pharaoh at the age of 45 and at the end of his life, at 91, reveals franceinfo.

This work, led by British forensic anthropologist Caroline Wilkinson, of Liverpool John Moores University, and Egyptian Sahar Saleem, a paleoradiologist at Cairo University, will be unveiled in the program Roots and wingsbroadcast on September 28 on France 3.

Skull scan and interpretations

To reconstruct the face of the one who reigned in Egypt from -1279 to -1213, scientists first used the scanner of the skull of Ramses II, which had been mummified when he died nearly 3,300 years ago.

“On Ramses II, there is a very wide nasal bone. It is, between the eyes, very high and very pronounced”, says Caroline Wilkinson in the documentary, in remarks reported by franceinfo.

“The stronger a muscle is where it is anchored, the more its attachments will leave visible marks on the surface of the skull”, adds the anthropologist. After the skull and features, the reconstruction also looks at the skin of the face, such as color, wrinkles or imperfections.

“It is not information that we obtain from the skull, specifies the anthropologist. So we are in the interpretation. But it is based on the models of representation at this age”, explains Caroline Wilkinson.

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