the Emergency call function soon available in France?

Presented as one of the flagship new features of the iPhone 14, the satellite connection should quickly go beyond North American borders. Apple is planning to extend this function to other countries by the end of the year.

Back-to-school event on the smartphone planet, Apple’s keynote still has some surprises in store. If the iPhone 14 Pro brings notable changes, the iPhone 14 is somewhat disappointing by playing the continuity card. However, the range can boast of offering new security options, like satellite connection.

This new feature allows the iPhone to make emergency callseven when the user is in a very isolated area with no cell coverage. The kind of feature that no one wants to use, but that can come in really handy. The problem is that Apple has decided to reserve this function for the United States and Canada, but that could soon change.

According to information from MacPrime, the firm of Cupertino reportedly planning to expand satellite emergency call to other countries before the end of the year. A gradual deployment which would therefore begin in 2022 and which would continue next year. For the moment, we do not know that they will be the first countries concerned by this launch.

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The satellite emergency call function could arrive in France faster than expected

Historically, the Californian firm is used to launching a feature in its country of origin before extending it to the rest of the world. After North America, the countries of Western Europe and Japan are often among the priority regions. It would therefore not be illogical to see land the emergency call by satellite in our regions in the coming months.

Apple, which has not communicated a launch schedule, should then remove the last mysteries surrounding this function. Re how it worksApple explains that the satellite emergency call “combines custom components that are tightly integrated with software” ; allowing “the antennas to connect directly to a satellite in order to send a message to the emergency services in the absence of cellular or Wi-Fi coverage”.

Apple Satellite Emergency Call
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The firm warns, however, that the satellites are “moving targets with limited bandwidth”. Sending messages can therefore “take a few minutes” and the iPhone 14 will display “some vital questions” to assess a person’s condition. In the United States and Canada, the firm plans to offer this feature for free for two years. The service will become chargeable past 24 months, but Apple hasn’t mentioned pricing yet.

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