The collapse of a 200 m glacier. from above filmed by hikers

Tourists filmed the collapse of a glacier in Chile’s Queulat National Park. An event probably linked to the unusual heat of the previous days, as well as heavy rains.

After’collapsecollapse of the Italian Marmolada glacier on July 3, then that of Kyrgyzstan a few days later, a similar event was filmed in Patagonia on Monday September 13. Queulat National Park is a mecca for hiking in southern Chile: this natural area is known for its waterfalls, lagoons and snow-capped mountains and is frequented by tourists throughout the year. Hikers have captured in image a phenomenon as dramatic as it is spectacular, the collapse of a glacier 200 meters high. The fact that blocks of ice break off is not surprising, according to the University of Santiago, but their frequency has multiplied in recent years.

Unusual heat in the middle of winter

The collapse of the Parc Queulat glacier is a priori linked to two phenomena weather reportweather report recent: abnormally high temperatures at the beginning of September, followed by an “atmospheric river”, a band of humidity which circulates in the atmosphere and which has been responsible for intense precipitation. In the town of Puerto Cisnes, located about thirty kilometers from the park, temperatures regularly reached 14°C in the afternoon between mid-August and mid-September. Remember that Chile is currently at the end of thewinterwinter, and average afternoon temperatures in Puerto Cisnes are between 6 and 8°C at this time of year. The multiplication of abnormally hot days and episodes of intense precipitation are the two main consequences of global warming.


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